12/4/2014 The power of music

Music is a really big part in my life. I listen to music every day. I can identify me with the songs I listen to. I usually calm down if I listen to music and relax but I also think a lot about stuff that's going on.

Music connects people. If you are at a party or something like that, everybody enjoys the music and the atmosphere changes. People start to talk to each other more because music  relaxed. Music completes  the whole situation. Music helps to memorize special events better. I have special songs which I connect with my friends and that is beautiful.

I also play an instrument. I play the clarinet and my mom too. My whole family is very musician. My brother plays the saxophon, my sister the flute and my mom and I the clarinet. It's actually kinda nice because at Christmas we all play typical christmas songs. That is sort of a tradition. But we also play for fun not professional. I mean we have concerts with a orchestra or something like that but that's it. Music connects our family!