Math in Animation

By: Caroline Cullers, Kaylee Cunningham, Avery Johnson


A person who creates some of the movies and clips we all know and love, but don't be fooled by the flawless appearance... it is not  as easy as it looks. Animating takes many years of schooling and involves math in many ways.

The process of animating takes geometric shapes and morphs them together, changes the colors, designs, the structure, and creates movement. First the animators have to start out with an idea. Usually they are trying to target a specific audience , like in Pixar's case kids and family. Then they will start with some simple sketches and write the script. They will take geometric shapes and slowly start to change the size and structure so it starts to look something like a hat, or a nose.

What does math have to do with it?

Now you may be wondering how animation has anything to do with what we have learned this year, but we are here to tell you. Animators have to use a lot of geometric shapes and proportions when they create the films. The animators create the characters by using formulas to make geometric shapes that they then change the size and shape to make it look more like their idea. Also, they have to use many proportions to make things look like they are in real life. For an example, in Toy Story the toys are not bigger than the trees (like the picture below) they use real life proportions.


Salaries differ with every place you work at depending on how much the company makes for their movies. Here are a couple examples for how much you could make per year:

Dreamworks~ $101,478


Paramount~ $75,000

How does technology impact this career? Can future technology possibly impact this career?

Occupations that are related to this career

Animation directors have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. Animation directors have proven management and leadership skills, which is why they have a large amount of responsibility for any given production. Animation directors recruit and coordinate animation teams. They manage teams from the beginning to the end of productions. They work with the director also. During the production process, animation directors review all work produced by animators and assistants. They answer to the production department on longer projects regarding schedule, budget, and output.

3D modelers create virtual models and special effects for many things such as film and video production studios, game design companies, and manufacturing firms.To automotive companies, government agencies, & interior design firms.

Technology is a huge part of animation. From the studio to the big screen there is so many technology based things involved. When they create the animations they usually use computers and machines to make the characters and animate them. Then they have to get the movies out to theaters so they can be played on screens in movie theaters and in your homes.

Future technology is already impacting movies and animations today. Animators have now gotten the opportunity to work in 3D and add more special effects. The animations are now also starting to look more and more realistic because the technology being used by the animators is increasing rapidly.

What we learned and enjoyed about this project

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