Yash,Gagan,Gurminder and Yash Saini

.when you have a sere bleed you take factor(a neadle). .hemphilia is Avery rare debase.

.hemophilia  is rare disorder .there are more then one times of hemophilia.you need factor to stop the bleeding .the main treat mention for hemophilia is therapy. .when people with hemophilia blood gets last instead of blood they put vwf

22 people are sad .

.  There are lots of hemphilia debases (a,b,c,d,1,2,3 .the factor is also called therpay

People came into our class and wote what they that about it

22 people were sad when you would have a cure  that you can't  cure.  21 people would feel mad if they have a diseases that  you cant cure.the least people  voted for was mad(19)  the     Total  people   That people voted was  66.

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