Elements of Principle and Design

This image shows point because it helps with showing where the different triangles are.
The lines in this photo really help portray the uniqueness of this city in Spain. The lines help creates the patterns and depth.
This picture shows how cool colors can really help change the perspective an image. This color scheme is very effective.
The value in this photo helps show the illusion of the mountains, even though they are dark compared to the sun going down.
This interesting picture of a cat has mechanical, geometric, and organic shapes.
This picture shows form because you can see the 3d shape of the mountain sitting almost on the surface of the water.
This picture uses negative space, which tricks the eye because sometimes you will see 2 faces, or sometimes you'll see a vase.
This picture of a road, shows texture because it uses rough light, and appears like it would have texture if you touched it.
This image uses radial balance, because the different parts are arranged in a circular pattern.
This cool picture shows emphasis because it uses size, shape, and placement to focus on the moon in the back of the picture.
This picture of fiji uses contrast because one can see the different elements of the island very clearly.
This picture shows gradated rhythm because each figure is identical, but one element is different in each one.
This picture shows proportion because one can really see that the Oasis of the Seas ship is bigger than the other ship.
This picture of a beach and pier in Wilmington NC, shows unity because it uses repeated design elements, and has harmony.
This image of a flower shows economy, because it very simple.
This cool picture uses circles because each one is equidistant from the center.
Cynlinder around a fire.
This glass full of water shows mass because you can see the amount of matter in the glass.
The Mayan Ruins, which shows the shape of a prism.
As you can see their are many squares in this weird image.

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