Where the chicken came from is Asia where exactly where it came from is Asia. Where in Asia is southeast Asia.

During the Columbian Exchange people think people brought the chicken to the Polynesian islands. What people think who brought the chicken to the Polynesian islands is spanish conquistadors, but people are not sure where it came from.

Health about the chicken is on food groups it is called  meat and beans. Another thing is a good serving of the chicken each day is 15/2 oz per day. Lastly per serving of a chicken you can get 165 calories.

Some fun facts on the chicken is a chicken lifespan is about 10 to 15 years long. Another fun fact is a chicken has a comb on the head and has two wattles under their neck. The last fun fact is a chicken eats worms,insects,grains,snails,slugs,fruits,and etc.


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