Geography of Egypt

Kyle Coliflores

Egypt is one of the most popular civilizations of this world. And by this, they have the Nile River. It is called the longest river in the WORLD. The Nile Consists 2 parts. The White Nile, and the Blue Nile.The White Nile is more Rough, while the Blue Nile is more gentle.

The Nile was used for a lot of farming. They dumped silt on to the banks of the Egyptians. The silt was this very fine soil which helped plants to grow. But the people started to call the land ''kemet'' because of the black soil,or silt.Because of this, the floods raised up and dumped the silt.

The Nile also flowed North also, which was very accessible for trading. And it is also possible to trade going South, but you need a sail because the winds blow South.

Egypt also has the desert. Or as nicknamed the Red Land. The desert helped protect Nubia and Egypt from Foriegn attacks. Egypt and Nubia then had few attacks through the years. And because of the desert, Egypt and Nubia bothered not to even make a army.

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