• I live in my house with my family in Victoria City, it's very big and it's pretty, it's painted blue and it's a restaurant. The house has 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a livingroom, a garage, a garden and laundry. The livingroom is big and there is sofa in front of television, next to to the table and behind a window. The kitchen is small and there is table, next to refrigerador, in front of the stofe and next to dish shower. Next to of the kitchen there is restuarant in the garage but just put in the morning, but there are ten  chairs all round of the tables and yours complement. Behind of the garage of the kitchen there are bedrooms are very big because there are three beds, there are closets, two tables and two windos. Next to of the bedrooms there is garden is very big, there are plants and four chairs. In front of the garden there is laundry and there is just washer.


  • The eagle monument represent us as a mexican, it's name's Eagle Vicentenary. It is located next to the hospital of (Especialidades). The eagle monument is a very very big park, and it is so nice. too. You can seen a lot of garden, flowers. The eagle monument is in the center of the park, is red because it represent, as i was saying, The modern Mexican. Next to the monument there is a building that is very big and it has a lots, and lots of windows. The park and the monument are so beautiful, so the people go there to visit and enjoy it.
Eagle Monument...!