Groman, Jeff. The atlas of natural disasters.

cinitations: Google

5 defenetions
Erathquake: The plates beneath the erath causes
vibration at the surface.
tornadoe: Is a funnel that forms from the clouds and when touches down causes massive destruction.
Hurricane:The wind and thunder stroms combined causes major destruction.
Volcanoe: spews lava that after a while truns to magma and melts everything it touches.
tsuniami: Is a huge tidal wave that sawlloes everything and destroyes evrything.

3 facts
Hurricane katrina destroyed alot and killed many.

A tornadoe touched down in Ohio and destroyed 5 houses many were injured non were killed.

A volcaone is dormant in hawiiai.

personal connection

family and I went to hawawii to maybe see the volcanoe this year to erupt.

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