the great depression

Because of the great depression most farmers cant sell their products , because people cant buy them. also the dust bowl has made it really hard for farmers to even grow crops. their fields since their land would dry up.


A lot of women are going through a depression of their own. considering most them are widows, and have to support a big family. they are loosing more hope each day. they cant barely provide anything for their families


most of the families are homeless, and live in tents. they're very poor and desperate


if anyone need the governments help its the children. most of them don't even understand whats going on. they've lost their childhood and innocence having to take take on these problems. they are also loosing their education because they're working or just cant afford it.


there's a new working class because of the depression. they're called migrant workers. they move from place to place all over america searching for jobs. but most of them cant even read or write due to the fact that they're always moving. and when they do get  to a new location they're discriminated against because the people already living there are having a hard time finding a job themselves

Migrant Workers

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