So, someone gave me the number 8. Here it goes! Also, I'm doing it here so I can include pictures and whatnot! Again, here it goes!

1- I love math. Yeah, that's right. MATH!

At least I didn't say meth! Anyhow... I majored in math, and it was the most painful yet gratifying that that I've done. At times it made me feel incredibly inferior, but most of the time it was just awesome. Wooster's math program is the bomb. Even more than that, the math people at Wooster are LITERALLY the best. Shout out to Trevor, Sarah, Kevin, and Sam! :) Love y'all.

2- I love my cereal soggy.

I know I'm not alone on this one. Scoff all you want cuz I know there are other soggy cereal lovers out there, and we stand strong! But, yeah. Frosted Mini Wheats that have been sitting for like 7 minutes!? Drool....

I eat WAY more than this, and these aren't appropriately soggy. You get it doe.

3- Once, I went on a month long road trip across the US with my two best friends, and it was absolutely incredible.

We started in Cleveland and covered 17 different states. It was a spontaneous decision that we made about a month before leaving, and SOMEHOW we pulled it together. Sorta. There were some days and nights spent not really knowing what to do, but it was an experience that I wouldn't change a second of. Actually, maybe I would change the fact that half of my diet consisted of trail mix, pretzels, and Nutella. Also, maybe I would change that day that we went to a nude beach and alllll of the people there were men over the age of 75. Oh, well. Ya live, and ya learn.

4- I LOVE jalapenos!

I'm literally salivating right now. jklasdjf Okay. So, jalapeños are possibly my favorite food. I eat all types/brands or jalapeños, but Vlassic is by far the best brand of pickled jalapeño. I've done quite a bit of research before coming to this conclusion. I think if Vlassic knew how many jars of their product I have consumed in my life time and came to realize that I give them about 12% of their annual revenue, they would thank me by making me the face of their brand and a life time supply of jalapenos.

5- I have 10 grandparents

I have:

1. My dad's step-mom

2. My step-mom's mom

3. My mom's mom

3. My mom's dad

4. My step dad's mom

5 My step dad's dad

6. My step dad's mom's mom

7. My step dad's mom's dad

(It's about to get confusing...)

8. My step dad's mom's step-dad

9. My step dad's mom's step mom

10. My step dad's mom's step mom's mom. (Who is technically my great great grandma.)

Yeah, that just happened....

My family tree.

6- I was on a game show once...

I'm not really proud of this one because I lost, but I got to hug Wayne Brady. So, I guess I won't totally push the experience out of my mind. It was "Let's Make A Deal," and it was when we were in LA, on the road trip.

7- I love my kitty kittles kitter butt

His name is Mr. Bigglesworth, and he is one of God's most precious creations. Here is about .0036% of the pictures that I have of him.

8- I hate pants.

HATE! When I got home from class and if there is no one home, the very first thing I do is take off my pants. Also, when I'm getting ready in the morning, I try to make it the last thing that I do. Hate them. I like skirts and dresses much better than pants, but for some reason I own very few of both.

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