The Wise Man

The smartest hominid of all

Musuem Exibit

The Wise Man was the 5th hominid to live on the face of the Earth. These hominids lived in Africa, Europe and Western Asia. They lived 230,000- 30,000 years ago. Although we call these creatures Wise Men, their full name is Homo Sapiens Neanderthals in Latin. In Neander Germany, mine workers found remains of these hominids. in the past century, more than 60 tools from their existence have been found. For example, there tools were made out of stone and rock. Also there community was an important resource and they depended on each other.

Wise Man were short and stocky like a weight lifter with strong, thick bones like they drank a lot of milk. Big ridges above their eyes were common along with a hunched over back. He walked on two feet and was more human like than Lucy, with a brain three times the size. The Wise Man's arms dragged on the ground like they were limp and lifeless . Although these creatures are closely like humans today, they still had ape-like features like Lucy had. Although they aren't the most recent hominids, they had a brain over three times the size of Lucy's. I think these hominids became extinct because newer and more improved people came along and merged with them.

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