From: Gianluca & Grant

1) Safety tips & advice surfing on the internet

A) Make sure it is age appropriate. Don't play an M rated game if your parents don't let you.

B) Make sure you don't get viruses.

C) Use well known sites on the internet. Like go on Youtube or Miniclip, don't go on illegal sites (I'm not going to give an example).

2) Know the Risks Kids Face

A) Scams or people lying on the internet.

B) Identity theft on social media.

C) Inappropriate things on the internet.

3) Protecting Yourself

Never tell anyone whom you don't know your:

Full Name

Home Adress

Phone #


Name of Family Members

Credit Card #

4) Teen Safety

Make sure that you aren't talking to anyone you don't know.

Make sure that you aren't commenting inappropriately.

Make sure that you don't tell anyone your password for your personal sites, they'll maybe go on to your account & fill out a lot of things that isn't about you.

Make sure that you don't talk to any very younger kids about inappropriate things.

Finally, make sure you are NOT using face cam with an adult, if you do, don't tell them where you live.

5) Other safety reasons

If you're on an an online sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. or online public games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, etc. you'll need to know safety facts.

For online sites, don't tell them things about yourself, NEVER TRUST ANYONE! They might be lying. Also, DO NOT SPAM! It is very annoying to everyone.

For public sites, don't tell them your name. They might look for you on the internet & say wrong things about you.

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