stop bullying

Jan was trying to bully Chris because he was trying to get in the friend group, and they would not let him join because he is unpopular. Jan and her friends started asking Chris all the personal questions and Chris thought they was just trying to be nice.       

if i was a part of this i would not let them tall about Chris. i would stand up for Chris i will let him in the friend group. i would let Chris come to parties i would talk to hem where ever i see him at.   

s.2 bullying

if you and your friends are witnessing bulling but not doing nothing about it you are sending a message that bulling is OK and your not really hurting no one from it you can save a persons life if your friends are bystanders you can go get a teacher tell a teacher go and help him out don't leave and if you are sitting there and watching him get cyber bullied report it. you give of a message that bulling is not good it can bring people to commit suicide.


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