Top Ten Moments of 7th Grade
by Anya Parsons

and in no specific order

1. Cedar Point-

I went twice this year, one with my friend to celebrate his birthday and the other for halloweekends. Both were really fun times, I loved all the roller coasters, especially the Maverick.

2. Winning 3rd place at States-

This was a very great moment for our team, since we were brand new and had never competed together before. We were very excited to have placed well enough to attend the international competition, although in the end we didn't go.

3. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat-

The musical was a super fun thing to be part of. I had an amazing time being with so many great people and having the opportunity to make many more friends. Plus the show was a great result.

4. Winning a Gold Seal at in the Lakeland Community College Art Show-

This was a good moment for me since art is something I really enjoy, although I've never won an award for it. It was cool to be recognized even if the piece didn't really deserve it.

5. The Fall Football Games-

The games were really fun ways to spend my Fridays with friends. I loved the ramen cups and I'm sad that the games won't be the same anymore after the CVC was cancelled.

6. 17th Mod Study Hall-

Although it wasn't supposed to be, 17th mod became one of my favorite times of the day since it was the only time I was able to hang out with my best friend. I always look forward to it.

7. Outsiders Day-

It was really fun seeing everyone dress up and act like Greasers and Socs. I was a greaser and the leather jacket was sweltering.

8. Last Chorus Concert-

Even though it was a bit messy, I actually really enjoyed our last concert. It was over all pretty fun and slightly relaxed which lead to a good night.

9. Camp-

There's too many parts of camp to describe in just two sentences. Overall it was amazing and I loved spending so much time in nature. This is a gif from the boat ride out on lake of waterfowl flying.

10. Chorus Field Trip-

I had a good time singing to the elderly people at the nursing home; one of them thought I was her granddaughter. Eating at Panera's was pretty fun too.

HELA Moments

1. The Radio Drama-

This activity was really great and creative. Despite our ending result being quite chaotic I still had fun performing the drama. I've never heard the audio file of mine, hopefully it wasn't too bad. This is the example we worked off of.

2. Road of Trials Day-

This day was a cool interactive way to learn a concept we had gone over a lot recently. We imitated the Hero's Journey, and I even got to play a special part by receiving a necklace. It was a fun way to spend an English class.

3. IRP Photo Project-

This project had some fun parts, especially for the beginning of the year. I got to spend time taking photos with friends which was nice and putting together the creative end result was also good.

Science Class

Science was definitely one of my favorite classes this year. Mrs. Burton was a great teacher and I had a great time with the friends I made or got closer with. Science is a subject I already enjoy and with the way we learned it along with the people it was a great class.

We do a lot of projects like dioramas and posters, but the best is junk box challenges. We had to make a marble go through a maze, create a candy dispenser, make a rubber band powered car and a gingerbread house.

Just have a good attitude and the class will probably be a lot better than worse.

The best part of 7th Grade

Camp is amazing. Being in nature for a week with friends and fun activities is one of the best experiences. There are so many parts to look forward to like camouflage games, ultimate frisbee, hobo pies, rock wall climbing and zip lining, and especially the dance.


If you go to the school dances, dance! The best way to have a good time is to actually dance and enjoy the music. You might be worried about how you lot, but having fun with friends is guaranteed going to be better and standing still and staring anxiously around gymnasium. The songs that everyone knows are usually the most fun.

If you find a pencil in the hallway, take it and don't look back.

For those of you in advanced math, this video is the most important tool for the year. It saves lives. Specifically at 0:19-0:45.

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