All About Appendix cancer

This web site will help you learn all about appendix cancer.

The Causes

This type of cancer is usually found during surgery for an appendicitis. If it is not found during surgery, the symptoms consist of an increase size of the abdomen, pain in the lower right corner of the abdomen, and pelvic discomfort. This type of cancer is very rare and only affects 600- 1000 people in america. If the tumor is lower than 2 centimeters, the tumors has low expectancy to spread and patients have an excellent survival rate of five years. However if the tumor is bigger than 2.5 centimeters than there is a lower survival rate.


There are two types of treatments they will want to do depending on how they found your cancer. If they found it through surgery then you are going to have to go through chemotherapy. If the tumor is over 2.5 centimeters, then it will take more aggressive or longer time in chemotherapy. If it is smaller, it won't take as much chemotherapy. If the cancer is found without an appendicitis surgery, then your doctor could suggest just having your appendix removed. You could also do chemotherapy also.

The Stages

To understand cancer you have to know the cell cycle and you also have to know what the word metastasis means. Metastasis means the spreading of one organ or tissue that the cancer is spreading to.


There are different stages for this type if cancer. It can go from stage 0 through stage 4. The best is stage 1. The worst is stage 4. If it is stage 4 then you have no signs of appendix cancer. If it is stage one then the tumor 2 centimeters or smaller. If it is stage 2, then the tumor is 2 centimeters, but smaller than 4 centimeters or it has spread to the large intestines. If it is stage 3 then the tumor is larger than 4 centimeters or has spread to the small intestine. At stage 4 the tumor has spread to the abdominal wall or other organs.


Since the stages are different the survival rates have to be different. If it is stage 0, then There is a 100 percent chance of survival. If it is stage one then there is a there is about an 80% chance of survival. If it is stage 2, then it's about a 75% chance of survival. If the cancer is stage 3 then it is a 70% chance of survival. If the cancer is stage 4, then there is about a 60% chance of living. Remission means within a couple months then the cancer can come back at any time.

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