"Real eyes realize real lies."

2-Pac Shakur

I Belive in Love

I believe in the sorrows of love,

the happiness that come from it,

the laughters that comes through out it,

the tears that helps you get through it ,

the memories,

loyalty,happiness, and royalty,

But love is never perfect.

I believe in going through somethings that makes you stronger,

I believe in showing love and protection,

I believe in love at first sight ,

tears, laughter, peace,

And I believe in the consequences that comes with loving someone.

"Real eyes realize real lies."

My credo is “Real eyes realize real lies”. - 2-Pac Shakur. To me this means that only the people who pays attention can point out the lies that someone is telling. Be careful when you are telling others any of your business,

I believe in this credo because in life people are going to do you wrong. You have to be a smart enough person to not let someone run over you. Take control of your own life realize who you are and who other people are. I got this credo from a song by 2-pac Shakur.

This is important to me because I need to learn who my real friends are. I need to be aware of my surroundings. Now days your friends have a big impact on your life. Everyone should have a friend that they trust. I think this would be good for everyone because sometimes lies can change your life for good or either bad.

I do think it may change as I get older but I will always acknowledge this credo. My credo may change because as I get older I probably will not be worried about having any friends. It would be beneficial to others because I think everyone should know every side of their “best friend”. This credo can help shape my future by letting me know who my real friends. It can help me see who I can trust and who I can vent to. I should always be able to trust at least one person.

This credo is significant to me because I feel like if I'm a good friend and I try my best to make others feel like they can trust me. I should feel the same way. I should be able to tell someone as secret without having the to swear not to tell. I would challenge others to watch their surrounding and see who their real friends are. Friends have a huge impact on teenagers lives. Everyone should have at least one that they can trust. It would be beneficial for others to listen to these words because no one should feel alone. Im not saying that this credo is saying to make everyone you don’t trust leave your life. Im saying that you should be careful who you tell your business to.

"Real eyes realize real eyes."

by Shakayla Littlejohn

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