South Padre Island

By: Ryan Sullivan


South Padre Island is an Island located in South Texas. The Island is 130 miles long but only 2 miles wide. South Padre Island is the longest Island is the whole State of Texas. South Padre Island brings many visitors during the breaks because the weather never gets cold. There are many different activities that go happen on the island such as fishing playing in the water and playing around with the dolphins.

South Padre Island has been owned by 6 different countries. The first of which was Spain. Spain owned the Island until the Mexican Revolution in 1820. Mexico won the Island in 1821 until 1836. The Republic of Texas took over South Padre Island when they took over Texas which gave them South Padre Island. After the Republic of Texas owned the land The United States took over the land because Texas joined with them. There has been different names that the Island has been called. One of which it was called the White Island. The Island was called that because the sand on the island was white so calling it the White Island was the perfect name. It has also been called the Island of the Malaquites. The Island was called that because there was a band a Karankawa people living there

South Padre Island is a great place to go visit during the breaks. The Island is always very busy because the weather usually never gets cold there. It is a great place if you are wanting to go and relax and have water all around you.

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