The letters iud stand for ontrauterine device. IUD are small. T-shaped devices made of flexible plastic, A health care provider inserts an iud into a women's uterus to prevent pregnancy.

how to use:

  Must be placed in uterus by a health care provider,

Usually removed by a health care provider.

Pros :)

Mirena may be left in place up to 7 years

Skyla may be left in place up to 3 years

no pill needed

may improve period cramps and bleeding

can be used while breastfeeding


may cause lighter periods,spotting,or no period at all

Rarely, Uterus is injured during placement

Does not protect against  HIV or other STIs

cramping or backache for a few days

mild to moderate pain when the IUD is inserted

side effects :/



heavy menstrual flow infection

pelvic inflammatory disease


*** possible to pass threw the uterine wall and enter the abdominal  cavity, where it must be retrieved surgically.

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