What forces motivate characters?

Visual Representation, Bryan Nguyen


In the first situation, Laius fears what that what the oracle said will become true. Fear is what motivates the character in this situation. His fear is what motivated him to drive a stake through Oedipus' legs and send him away to be killed.

In the second situation, Oedipus' curiosity leads him to leave his adopted parents and go to the oracle. Curiosity is the trait that motivated him to leave home and complete the prophecy of killing his father and sleeping with his mother.


In the poem "Scars" the mother divorces the father, which leads to him becoming an alcoholic. Depression is what motivated the father to become an alcoholic. He became depressed after his divorce.


In the movie Spider-Man, the Green Goblin attempts to destroy the city and hurt Spiderman's loved ones. His motivation is pleasure. He enjoys destroying things and throughout the movie he tries to hurt innocent people.

Finding Nemo

In the movie Finding Nemo, Marlin is on a constant search for his son Nemo after being kidnapped. His motivation is strong determination. Determination is the trait that lead him to put his life on the line and swim throughout the entire ocean just to find his son Nemo.


Starring Bradley Cooper, in this movie he takes a substance which allows him to be superior to everyone around him. He relies on the substance every single day and after he runs out, he goes on a desperate rant to acquire more. Addiction is what motivates him. He always wants more and more. When he doesn't have the substance, he can't live or function.

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