Terrorist's Ring Out in France

Twelve Men were shot last Wednesday in the office of French writer, Charlie Hedbo. It was just a normal Wednesday night, Charlie Hedbo was in his office writing an article about freedom. Little did he know that a two terrorists were about to storm into his office with two AK-47's.  He was shot along with two other police officers others who had tried to help the helpless Charlie Hedbo. After shooting the men, they ran off into the night air screaming many horrible things including "I killed Charlie Hedbo!!" They were stopped by a police officer which they were quickly able to shoot dead as they ran into the night air away from 13 lifeless men. I predict that because of this terrible incident France will go into a terrible period in which they try and stop this terrible terrorism that's been destroying many lives. They will try their best to try and stop all of this terrorism and try an overcome it with the power of freedom.

This is a man holding up a sign of what happened to poor Charlie Hedbo.

This is a picture of people that are holding up a sign in memory of Charlie.

This is a picture of a map of the assassination.

These are the supposed twins for the assassination of Charlie Hedbo.

This was the office where 12 people were assassinated in on Wednesday night.

This is a cartoon of the so-called Jesus Charlie.

This link will take you to learn more about the killers of Charlie Hedbo.

This is more information on the assassination.