My Dream House

By: Emily F. EGS

         My bedroom in my dream house is pretty big but not Super huge. Since my room is in the upstairs portion of my house I have a balcony that I can go to from my room. My room also has rising in it where all of my books, pillows, blankets, chairs are. It's basically my book nook. In the other corner of my room is my bed. I have a queen sized bed with purple and green sheets on it. My room is Baby blue and Purple walls. There are 3 doors in my room one that goes out into the hallway, one that goes to my walk in closet and another to my bathroom. My closet has two sections. One is for the shoes and the other is for the clothes. The clothes part is white, the shoes part is black. In my room there is also a black and white chevron couch that also pulls out. In front of my couch there is another 30" TV so I can watch TV from the comfort of my couch. The spare bedrooms are for my kids. 2 for my kids one for the girl which is light blue and light purple, the boys room which is dark blue and the other spare bedroom is for the guests, it has a queen sized bed with sandy colored walls.

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms on the house. My kitchen has all up to date appliances. My fridge is a normal sized fridge. It is all nice and shiny too. It has the fridge up top and a pull out freezer. It also has a water dispenser in it. It has a four burner stove and a four slot toaster. It has marble counter tops. On those counter tops it has a coffee machine which I usually only use to make hot cocoa. It has a little TV so I can watch TV while I cook. My sink is just, well a normal sized sink it's not too special. My oven is a stacked oven so I can cook cake and cornbread at the same time! My kitchen floor is tile, tan tile.

My down stairs living room is navy blue with dark brown carpet. It has a big dark brown wood TV stand. In that TV stand I have a 60" 3D TV, with surround sound speakers. In my TV stand I have lots of movies and also my 3D glasses. I have 6 seat theater seating. All of the seats recline and have built in seat warmers and coolers. Also down there I have a popcorn machine with lots of butter and seasonings such as ranch and white cheddar. Also I have a food bar with a fridge, a candy stash just like the ones at the movie theater and pop dispenser. I also have big blinds that cover the windows when I want it dark. That is really helpful when watching movies. On the walls of my TV room as I like to call it, I have signs like welcome to the movie and enjoy the show! Also down there I have and old timey movie real just to make it look cool down there.

       This is my dream house. It has about 15 rooms and I love them all. They are all carefully designed to my taste too.  I hope to have this house when I am older. I might not have this house but... I can dream.

         Another room in my house is the Music/Piano room. In that room there is a Baby Grand in one of the corners with all of my favorite songs to play, such as "Fur Elise". Also in my music room there is a shiny black music stand with a metronome laying on it. Next to the stand there is a table with my clarinet laying on it. The walls are a light sandy color with wood flooring. There is also I leather coach underneath the windows.

My dining area has yellow walls and is in between the office and the kitchen. It has a dark brown round table that seats four. There are picture hung all over the walls, of m friends and family. Also In the dining room is my dog, Cami's toys and cage.

The outside of my house has a front and a back. In the back there is a deck that has a metal table with some padded chairs and some red and blue candles. On the other side of the deck ere are some comfy chairs to sit and relax on. They are red and blue striped with white pillows, and layer all around the deck are some lights to make it look pretty. Also in the back I have a big pool with a diving board and lots of floaties. Connected to it there is a hot tub/ Jacuzzi. Also in the back there is a trampoline. In the front I have a patio which is mainly made of stone. On the patio there are some red and brown striped Chris and couches. Lined all around the house are some yellow, red and white roses, and other flowers. In the flower gardens there is a stone fountain that flows all day long. The grass is a vibrant healthy green, with no weeds at all.

         My garage is a big building where I keep my Red Camero and my 2 mini motorcycles. The garage is connected to my house so I don't have to walk in the cold. My garage is very fancy. Full of drinks and food and games. It is also blue and red inside. It is both heated and cooled in there so if I want to, I can check chill out in there.  

In my dream house I have an in home gym. It can be used as a volleyball court,  a basketball court, a track, a tennis court, and a gymnastics gym. I use all of the different settings of my gym. To change courts all I have to do is flip a switch and wait. The colors of my gym are blue and yellow. The gym can also be turned into a mini movie theater. You can pull down a big projecter and a lot of pillows, blankets and comfy chair. Inside the gym is also heated and cooled.

As you walk in the door of my house you walk straight into the living room. The living room has white walls with brown carpet. There is a 40" TV with surround sound speakers. The living room is where I keep all of my pictures of my family and friends. Some are hanging in the walls others on the small little table. I have a brown leather coach that reclines in all of the seats and big blinds that can come down to make it dark.

The last room in the house is the bathroom. There are 4 different bathrooms but this one is the master bedroom. The bathroom is very fancy. It the corner it has a jacuzzi, in the other corner there is a shower with built in speakers and a waterproof TV. The TV can also come off of the shower wall and be put above the jacuzzi. My sink is made of marble and the mirror is lined with light blue Christmas lights, to make it festive. Underneath my sink there are lots of soaps and good smelling stuff that I use every day. My toilet is very fancy it has a heated toilet seat and It is all white and shiny. The only way to get the bathroom is from my bedroom.

This is my dream house. I hoped you liked it. I really hope that I will have this house when I get older, anyway. Adios!!!!!

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