Move To Mesopotamia !

The Best Empire In The World!

Were Is Mesopotamia?

If you intend on moving  to Mesopotamia you have to know were it is right? Well it is located near Sumer. In the middle of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, you can see on the picture above.

Why Would You Want To Move To Mesopotamia ?

Mesopotamia is a great place to live because to live, why? Well Mesopotamia is a civilization so it has the arts science and government. In Mesopotamia we have agriculture we have domesticated animals and a stable food supply so you'll never go hungry. Mesopotamia also has a set of laws written in cuneiform so you will know what is legal and illegal in Mesopotamia. Also you'll never go thirsty we have irrigation systems to control the water to wherever we want to put it. We also have a ziggurat witch also means we have polytheism so you can worship any god you want. Lastly Mesopotamia is also a empire with very many groups with are one leader or government.

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