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A Mobile Learning Option for Physical Education Classes

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6 Apps for High School PE Classes

Some teachers may think it is impossible to integrate Mobile Learning into Physical Education classes. For those teachers, here are six apps that are easy to use in high school classes.

Playbook for Coaches

What does this app do? This app allows a coach to draw out plays for different sports on more than 10 sport layouts. You can draw between different players to show their next move or who that player needs to defend against.

How can it be used? Teachers and students can use this app to show and create plays. Students could be given an assignment where they need to create 3 different offensive plays and 3 defensive plays for a sport using this app, and describe the pros and cons of each play.

Coach's Eye

What does this app do? This app is great for skill assessment. You can video an athlete doing a skill or exercise, and then play it back in slow motion, show them each frame, draw on the image, or record verbal comments for the athlete to listen to (Spark, 2013), or as a reminder for yourself.

How can it be used? Teachers could use this app for assessments. Students could also use this app for peer assessments: they could record another student doing a skill, and record their thoughts of the skill. This could also be submitted for assessment for both students.


What does this app do? This app allows you to create step-by-step guides, and share them easily through a number of social medias or email (Spark, 2013).

How can it be used? Students could have to show the progressions to an exercise or skill using this app. Students could then easily share it with teachers for assessment and their classmates for learning purposes.

Full Fitness

What does this app do? This is like a personal trainer in an app: it has hundred of exercises with descriptions and pictures, workouts and video instruction, a progress tracker for multiple users, and much more.

How can it be used? Both teachers and students can use this as a resource for exercise and workout ideas, and to track progress. Students could use this to review proper technique for exercises. Teachers could also assign students a project where they had to each come up with a 5 minute workout set, and students could use this to come up with ideas.

Sport Rules

What does this app do? Sport Rules is a reference app that provides important information and rules for 18 different sports.

How can it be used? Teachers and students us this app to review the rules to sports they will need to know prior to attending class. Students can also use this for studying for quizzes or exams on these sports.


What does this app do? VEC PE is an app full of podcasts, videos and web resources on topics related to sports, health and recreation. Topics include things like energy systems, recovery methods, and nutrition strategies. This app automatically updates when new content and resources become available, so there is always something new to learn about.

How can it be used? Student could use this app for independent study, or for a research project related to health and sports. For example, students could have to choose one podcast or video a month to write a reflection on or to share with their class.

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