Atmosphere-By: Ryan Pebeck

This is my atmosphere project I will be telling anything about the atmosphere from what I learned.

1. The Mesosphere which is in the middle of our atmosphere protects us from meteors.

This is the layer of the atmosphere when objects from space (Primarily Meteors) break down from the heat and they fade away.

2. The Troposphere is where all living things are. The troposphere is the only suitable place for living things to be able to live in.

This picture shows how we live inside of the troposphere and how we are polluting it with all the greenhouse gases we use.

3. The greenhouse effect which is taking place right as I am typing in fact, is when gases are let up into our atmosphere they get trapped. When these gases are trapped more than the normal rate the earth heats up causing global warming.

4. Air pressure decreases as you go up in the atmosphere. So if you were to go up in space with no protective gear what so ever your body parts would swell up and eventually just pop.

5. The stratosphere contains our Ozone layer in which it protects us from the sun's harmful UV rays. Holes are starting to form in our Ozone because of pollution.

6. The Atmosphere has a weird way with its temperature it starts off getting hotter then it gets colder than it gets hotter again.

7. Nitrogen is the most common gas in our atmosphere. Oxygen is trailing as the second most and other gases like argon and carbon dioxide ae in other gases.

8. The Thermosphere is the hottest layer of the atmosphere. It is like this because it absorbs the most sunlight. Another little fun fact that this is also the layer where aurorae form or the Northern lights.

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