Pre-K - 2nd Grade Motivators

By: Fiza C, Sayda A, Layide K

Intrinsic Motivation

Defined as performing an action or behavior because you enjoy the activity itself

Examples Include:

  • Make your teachers happy
  • Having good grades in classes
  • Pleasing family
  • Make yourself happy
  • To challenge yourself
  • To stop your curiosity
  • To learn something
  • To enjoy your education
  • To show love for a subject
  • To have fun
  • To be recognized by other

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation encourages the performer to win and to beat others, not simply to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of the activity.

Some Examples are :

  • Extended time for recess
  • A movie at the end of the day
  • Special food treats
  • music to accompany an activity
  • more time to engage in a favorite activity
  • stickers, certificates, and stamps
  • going to computer lab
  • Add extra nap time
  • Chance to get something from the treasure box
  • Get a star student certificate

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