Do aliens exist?

The world may never know.

Some people say that we're not the only live thing on earth but others are yet scared to death to report things that they've seen with there own two eyes. Some say they've seen UFO's just strolling through the fields of small town america. Even though poeple have seen them and have very marvelous evidence some poeple are still sceptical. Whatever your opinions are these following examples may have someo impact on them.

Created in the 15th century, it shows the Virgin Mary and in the background of the painting, a man and his dog are staring up at a floating disk-like object that is suspiciously familiar. And this painting isn't alone either, with everything from very old cave paintings to Scrolls all showing a abnormal  life. A sighting even comes up in the Bible in The Book of Ezekiel. Either this is forcing evidence, or the kindness of people has a rich tradition of people who believe that people are secretly working together to hurt the public.

In the ancient city of Paracas, Peru, archeologists have uncovered mummified remains with elongated skulls dating back to 300 BC.

Statistical data
Back in 1961, star expert Frank Drake figured out an equation by which he could guess the likelihood of the existence of abnormal life, taking into account some factors including the average number of planets able to support life and the fraction that could go on to support smart life. This was then put into use in 2001. The result: hundreds of thousands of such planets should technically exist.

Unsolved sightings

There are more registered sightings of UFOs than there is the word count here to deal with themand most of the time, there's a thorough exposing as false going along with them. But throughout history there have been a number that have been harder to explain away, from theto 1853 sighting by some students and professors at the Tennessee College campus, to the oftenquoted Stephenville Lights case from 2008, with over 200 witnesses spotting the UFO including three policemen who remained unnamed. Consider these interesting cases unsolved.

Astronauts claims

If you're going to believe any reports of UFOs, you might as well trust those coming from the men who have actually been to space (who usually also come with all their teeth and a P.H.D.). The listof those who have made claims of sightings includes Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman and Dr. BrianO'Leary, many also referencing government knowledge of uncommon existence and cover-ups. Buzz Aldrin has also spoken of his own experience onboard the Apollo 11 when they saw something flying next to them. At first they thought it was thefinal stage of the detached rocket, until mission control confirmed it was 6000 miles away from them.

Government files

While some US presidents have released classified files on the subject of UFOs, with Jimmy Carterin a very well-known way describing his own meeting, others still have been denied access toclassified information on the subject completely, Bill Clinton claiming to be among them. This haslead many believers to suggest there's a cover up happening. Clinton has been regularly (all the time) vocal on the existence of (people from other countries/forms of life from other planets) andit's worth noting his opinions on an 'Independence Day' situation too. You know, just in case...

But today's scientists hope to get beyond mere statistics to find something bigger, and moreteaching. Maybe more than at any other time in history, scientists are positive-thinking thatouter-space/being from another planet life does exist, and that a firm confirmation can be had.

Their hope is supported by recent discoveries of worlds beyond our solar system and new things that are suddenly shown or understood recently learned about the hardiness of life here on our own planet.

"As we learn more about the many different kinds of people or things of life, especiallymicrobial life, we expand our definition of what life is and how life can exist in some very interesting ways." said expert on living things Diana Northup of the University of New Mexico.

Scientists have discovered bacteria that are tough to levels of heat, cold, salt, and radiation that would kill humans. Some of these "extremophiles" have been found successfully growing in complete darkness, invery dry deserts and even miles below ground.

All of this is good news for star experts who dream of finding life beyond Earth's confines, as many of the extreme surrounding conditions on our planet are thought to be the normal way of things for other worlds. Earth's deserts, for example, have twins on dry, dusty Mars. Saturn's moon Important person is a world of wandering rivers and lakes, and beneath the icy crust ofanother Saturn moon, Enceladus, might lie looking like the very cold ocean depths of Earth.

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