Yugoslavia and the Hungarian Revolt

Hunter, Coleman, Brendan


They were always Independant, and their ruler Josip Broz wanted to keep them Independant, and they didn't join the Soviet Union. This lead to tensions with Joseph Stalin, and in 1948 Stalin expelled Yugoslavia from the communist bloc. Yugoslavia tried to have good relations with Eastern European communist states and a good relationship with neutral states.

Hungarian Revolt

After Stalin died, parts of the soviet bloc began a process called  de-Stalinization, where they started to get rid of Stalins policies. Hungary began this process, and people wanted to get away from the soviet bloc. Imre Nagy and János Kádár decided to announce neutrality, and withdraw from the Warsaw Pact. Russia invaded Hungary with tanks, and had Nagy executed. Kádár was put in place as a reliable communist leader. Russia was on-edge with the Suez Canal crisis. They didn't have very much tolerance for any sort of conflict, and decided that this was the best way to hadle Hungary.

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