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iPhone 6
Cassidy, Carly, Alexis

The iPhone came out on September 19th. 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 pluses have been sold since the date of the new release.

Because Apple is such a big company and so well known, so are their technology discoveries. Everyone wants and iPhone and everyone wants the latest technology. Everyone looks to Apple to find the newest and best products bringing in millions of dollars to the company and economy of the U.S.

The iPhone 6 Bends?

The newly released iPhone 6 has been known to bend. Many posts to Instagram and Twitter have proved that the bending of the phone is not a feature, but tends to happen. Many people are furious when they place their iPhone into their pocket and when they pull it out, has a different shape and form.

The bending of the iPhone 6 is causing controversy between the users of the iPhone and Apple. Apple is arguing that "warping is extremely rare through normal use."

In otherwords, people are making Apple look bad and not using their phones the way they were intended, resulting in the bended phone.

This issue will probably go away after the wave of people complaining decreases.

iOS8 Update on Apple Products

The update has affected many people's use of the product and are making them regret the download.

The update has interfered with the iPhone's fingerprint identity scanner and the unit's ability to make phone calls, leaving many people frustrated with the quality of their phone.

Should you download the update?

Apple workers released a promise to their users saying the new iOS 8.0.2 would be released as soon as the update was available. The users should not fear the negative affects the update is having on their phone and it will soon be fixed. Without a doubt, the update is the way to go for iPhone users.

Positive and Negative: iPhone 6


-faster processor

-better camera

-longer battery life


-bends easily

-not chargable by microwave (like expected)

-How many people like Samsung and how many people like iPhone?

-With all of these negative things happening with the new update and the bending of the new phone, why are iPhones still such a phenomenon?

-Would products of Apple sell even if they were the worst products just because it was Apple?

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