How To Pack Food Gift

A homemade food gift, created in the kitchen and presented prettily, is truly a joy to give or receive. From snack mixes and candies to mini Bundt cakes and more, these homemade treasures not only deliver a taste of healthy but also show your good intention. However, one problem of gifting food is it is difficult to pack. Don't worry, here we provide the creative ways of how to paper foldable box .
How to pack food gift? You can try to make a Basket-Weave Lid. Cut light green strips of ribbon just long enough to wrap around and slightly inside the lid of a paper gift bag . Secure the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the lid with a hot glue gun. Cover lid completely with light-green ribbons, then weave deeper green ribbons between the light-green ribbons to achieve a lattice effect. Glue ends in place.
Saltine Toffee Bark is really a good idea. Get ready for a new family favorite—like brittle, but better. Pack pieces of sweet-and-salty treasures from Laura Cox in Brewster, Massachusetts in decorated cardboard gift tubes or recycled oatmeal containers wrapped with decorative paper (or use scraps of self-adhesive wallpaper). Trim with green pompom fringe. Make it fun by adding a bow made from newspaper.
What's more, you can cut newspaper strips into desired width and various lengths. Form loops by folding ends of strip inward toward the center of strip; staple. Create small, medium and large looped strips; staple similar size strips together into an X shape. Make one small loop and glue into center to hide staples and complete bow. Rosette ribbons become mini serving platters for individual Christmas cakes from Angela Spengler in Clovis, New Mexico. Wrap them up in a see-through cellophane bag and finish with a twine bow and a rigid paper box.
How to pack food gift? If you choose to send a jar or bottle, wrap a few extra layers of bubble wrap around it before you proceed with the packing. Put a card with the recipient's address on the inside of the box . . . just in case. Enclose a little note with the name of the gift and, if appropriate, how to enjoy it. Seal the package with a strong packing tape, not regular adhesive tape. Put a strip of clear packing tape over the address on the outside of the box to keep the address from smearing. Clearly mark it “Fragile” or “Handle with Care.”

These are the ways of how to pack chocolate packaging box. If you have more questions about gift packaging, you can visit to get more ideas.

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