The Mongols Empire

The Mongols

In the 1200's Nomadic people referred to the Mongols as burst forth from Central Asia this was because they created the largest empire in history, and conquered Asia in the process. The steepe's had long been home to nomadic people. The steepes were to dry for farming so the nomadic people so they had to live as pastoralists . They relied on herds or domesticated animals. Very similarly to the Huns and Turks the Mongols emerged as a powerful nomadic people on the Central Asian Steepes. They herded goats and sheep, the animals provided meat, milk, food, wool for clothing, and shelter. They were also skilled with horses and they all learned to ride at an early age. The Mongols had divided into separate clans each were lead by a chief aka as a Khan. They Khan was chosen based upon your military and leading skills. A khan named Temujin began to conquer his rivals and reunited Mongol clans. In 1206 Temujin succeeded in united all the clans and took the title Genghus Khan (universal ruler) and his goal was to build an empire. he developed a powerful military, demanded complete loyalty. Under his leadership he began a bloody campaign of conquest. His battle tactics included brutality and psychological ware fare. To make sure they were feared the Mongols they burned down any town that resisted them. Because of this many towns surrendered without a fight.

The Yuan

Kublia Khan held power over the Khanate of the Great Khan. The song had resisted the Mongol invaders for many years. Kublia Khan had a goal of ruling all of China but the song dynasty ruled the southern part of China. But in 1279 the last song ruler was defeated. Because of this victory he created the a new emperor called the Yuan dynasty and declared himself emperor For the first time he ruled all of China. He tried to gain the loyalty of his subjects. Many people resented the Mongols because they believed they were rude and uncivilized, many people resented them as rulers. He moved his capital from Mongolia to a new city in China. It was located near modern day Beijing and there he built a new walled city. But the Mongols and the Chinese believed in different things. They didn't get along and because of this the Mongols were forbid  to marry the Chinese. The Mongols also created a different set of laws and taxes and they weren't allowed to own weapons or be in the military. The Mongols also used the Chinese as labors to build new roads and extend the grand canal to the capital city. The Mongols did fear that one day the Chinese would rebel so they made sure that there were posted soldiers all throughout China. The yuan dynasty weakend during the last part of Kublai Khan's reign. Kublai Khan died in 1294. All of the replacements lacked leadership skills like Kublai Khan. Lots of terrible floods occurred raising taxes in China. In the 1300's the Chinese rebelled against the Yuan dynasty and in 1368 a rebelled army defeated the Mongols.