Summer Adventure


In my Homeroom we have been doing math and reading. The most exciting thing we've been doing is learning about Africa. We are doing a Wevideo project where we  are creating a business to help a specific problem in Africa.  This  is a fun project because we can learn about a completely new continent. We also get to do the project with a group so even more fun.

Technology Treasures

In Technology Treasures we are creating a commercial for a specific product, my group is doing Nerds. In Technology Treasures we learn how to do things on the computer we didn't know how to do before. In Tech Treasures we also had alot of with the nerds commercial.

Challenge Your Brain

Challenge Your Brain was 2nd favorite thing because all we did was play on Chromebooks. We were able to play a number of different games. One of the games we were able to play was Prodigy. It was one of the best electives ever.   

Super Summer Science

In Super Summer Science we do experiments. One day we made a foam machine. Super Summer Science is fun because we actually make things explode and we get to see experiments before our eyes.  

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