The Iliad

Poem by the Homer

This is a picture of the Iliad. It is a story which was originally a poem by Homer about the Trojan War. This was set three thousand years ag0, before the Common Era. The end of the war was nigh. Greek warriors sailed the Aegean Sea to a land which is currently the country of Turkey. They surrounded the fortress of Troy for ten years. At the beginning the protagonist of the story, a Greek hero named Achilles, fights the chief king Agamemnon. Agamemnon was trying to capture Achilles' female slave, whom the Greek had given to Achilles in honor of a bold defeat. Agamemnon ends up claiming the woman, and Achilles stops fighting for a while. While Achilles is taking a hiatus, the Trojans and their leader Hector (the Trojan King Priam's son) burn down the Greek ships and most Greek warriors end up drowning. Achilles starts to fight again once he finds out Hector killed Achilles' close friend Patroclus. When Achilles resumes the fight, they manage to drive the Trojans all the way back to their fortress of Troy. Achilles winds up killing Hector. At first Achilles abuses the dead body, but eventually returns it to King Priam for funeral rights. The Iliad ends there, but shortly after Achilles died from an arrow shot into his heel. This may seem odd, but when he was an infant his mother dipped him in magical water that would protect him from any wounds, how ever his foot and heel were not dipped in as his mother was holding him by it. Also afterwards the famous tale of the Trojan Horse occurs when some Greek warriors hide inside of a large, hollow wooden horse and enter the fortress of Troy and end up destroying the whole kingdom.

Yeah I really don't know how the Trojans didn't predict what would happen next...

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