Advances in Genetics

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Facts about DNA

* Deoxy-ribo-Nucleic Acid is the real meaning for DNA
* There are about 2 DNA molecules in each chromosome.
* Each cell contains about 46 DNA molecules.


* Chromosomes are structures, that look like the picture up there ,inside the nucleus of animal and plant cells.
* Chromosomes are made up of protein and 1 molecule of DNA.
* A child gets 2 sets of chromosomes. 1 from their dad and another one from there mom.
* Chromosomes are passed on from mother or father and they are recombined to make your own chromosomes.


Your heredity is all the body characteristics you get from your parents.

Gregor Johann Mendel

A scientist named Gregor Mendel, discovered genetics on accident.

How did he discover genetics?

Click this button and it tells all about how he discovered genetics.

Gender and Traits of Children.

Within the next few years technology hospitals have these days, parents will be able to pick their childs gender and traits, like the color of their hair and eyes.

How can parents pick their child's traits?

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is the technology fertility specialists use to have parents be able to pick the sex of their children. Clinics plan to allow parents to be able to choose the children's traits soon. The project is called, "designer babies". Within the next few years specialists are planning to get a 100% garaenty on the sex of the child and an 80% guaranty on the eye color.

My Opinion on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis.

I don't think it's right to be able to pick the gender or traits of children. I disagree mostly with the traits. Not that technology won't be able to make "designer babies" because by the time I am in my twenties fertility specialists will probably going to have these options. I disagree with parents wanting to customize babies the way they want to because it takes away from them being original and unlike anyone else. Parents should accept what they get in their child and like them for them.

Video about Designer babies

Pros and Cons on Designer Babies

Pros on designer babies
Cons on designer babies

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