Trip to Ireland  

Gaelic sports

This trip to Ireland was the best trip i have ever done during my scooling ! i enjoyed every days spent over there. We did so many things that i can't talk about all of it. One of my favorite moment of the trip was when we played gaelic sports for the first time. we played hurling (on the picture), gaelic football and something like squash but without any racket. We were separate into three groups and of course i was in the more athletic one ! I've played hockey for eight years so hurling seemed to be easy for me. The gaelic football was a bit more dificult but it was very funny ! After having tried all the three sports we made a match of Gaelic Football with almost everyone. And during the match i scored a three points goal ! I was happy but so tired, i had run so much... Finally my team and i lost. Then we came back to town.

That was a good experience ! I'm ready to restart when you want !!!

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