Yaire zamorano           period 2

E-Mails and Blogs

E-Mails and bogs it mean that how to make new thing in the internet . So what can you do is that it makes it cool to go more faster .

Example of were you can learn it :

-in a computer class

-your computer

-or at school

-at mrs clayton class

- at a person

Digital Photography

Digital Photography it means to take photo and then upload int he computer . So what can happened it that to make them better . So you can edit to photos in the computer .





Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations it means to make like a book about what is your title . And then what can you do is that is more easy to make . So it looks more cool wend you make it better.


- color



-playing with it

Video Production

Video Production it mean were the video is make you what to say . So what happens is that the video is making you things more easy.






Sound Engineering

Is were you need to find the perffect sound to your video so it can be better . So what happened is that it makes a loud sound or lower sound .



- music

- story



Its were the picture gets better as you make it more better. So what can make it interesting to it looks cool.

- names





Desktop Publishing / Pages

What can happened is that can make you thing more save in the right portfolio . So it can make it your own but some of the times is difficult .





-save it


Animation is were you can make the thing get really cool. So you can take more pictures to make your own at your computer .

were i can learn it :

-a penny bounce

-flying person

- making a flower

-make a person to a other thing

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is were the fashion people can make their own things in the computer . So it makes it better to look so it intresting.


- patterns


-how long or sort


Game Design

is were you can make your own game but then what can happened is were you need to find the right web . so you can make it better.






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