Hey, I’m Bethany. I’m a reality TV star, so I have experience with TV shows which makes me perfect for this! So I guess I’ll tell you about a day from my life. My sisters wanted to see the new Insidious movie. I love scary movies so I decided to go with them. They’re both under 18 so I bought their tickets for them. Nothing in the movie scared me, not even the scenes that made everyone else jump.

After the movie was over, I took my sisters out to dinner and dropped them off at our parent’s house before I went home. I live by myself so none of the lights were on. I started to get paranoid. Although the movie didn’t affect me while I was watching it, it definitely was now. Every corner I walked around I expected something to jump out at me. Something moved in the corner of my eye and I screamed and turned the light on. I immediately felt stupid; it was just my cat, sitting on the kitchen counter while glaring at me.

“Fluffy!” I said, picking her up off the counter and squishing her against me. I carried her quickly to my room, turning on every light in each room I passed. When I reached my room I ran inside, locked the door and threw myself and Fluffy under my blanket. Everything was calm ad quiet for a few minutes until there was a sudden thud on the other side of my room. Fluffy started growling at me to let her go so I did. I took the opportunity to peek out from under the covers too see what made that noise. It was just my other cat!

“You cats are so rude,” I said, getting up to get ready for bed. I had trouble sleeping because I kept hearing noises. Usually I would get up and check out what was going on but nope. I don’t mess with ghosts. I fell asleep around three A.M. and I woke up just a few hours later. I didn’t want to get out of bed but when I picked up my phone and saw the time I threw myself out of bed. I was going to be late for the Mud Run! I love obstacle races and this one started in thirty minutes. I had to get dressed quickly. Luckily I didn’t have to do my hair or makeup since it would just get messed up anyway. I grabbed a towel for after the race and got into my fastest car. Even though I went 10 over the speed limit I still arrived a few minutes late, like always. I got my number from the table and went over to where everyone else was standing, ready to start the race. As soon as they blew the whistle, everyone started running.

It was more messy than I thought it would be. Mud covered all of my tattoos and my clothes were permanently ruined. I probably shouldn’t have worn my brand new Nike outfit.

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