Silk Road trader

I am a Silk Road trader. My life is a very busy one. I am constantly dealing with a variety of people in my business. Business is well as there is a high demand for silk now days. The only thing is that people are starting to use alternate routes rather than the silk trade route. I feel as if the Silk Road has provided endless opportunities to link me up with other people in this world. I interact with merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers. It allows me to expand my friendships beyond my family. Because I have been trading along the Silk Road I have personally witnessed the advancement the Silk Road trade has brought to its society and surrounding societies. I have been exposed to multiple religions while trading on the Silk Road. I interact with all different cultures of people. I feel that this makes me a much more diverse person because I can connect with almost anyone. I can talk their language, I know their religion and we have a common interest to trade. Trade has been very good to me on the Silk Road. If it was not for the Silk Road I'm not sure where I would be right now. It has brought me everything I need as far as money and relationships that I have built while doing this. One thing that I will say about the Silk Road is that you have got to have somebody you can trust to do buisiness with. There is a lot of poor deals that go on. You need to have full trust in the person you are dealing with or else you will never know what you are paying for.

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