ANCIENT EGYPT: the features that changed how we look at them..... by Ally

The ancient Egyptians survived and thrived as a civilization. But looking back it seemed very difficult with the surrounding deserts that loomed on their community and threatened to dry everything up.

One of the many Egyptian deserts....

But everything didn't dry up.....why was that? Well, the answer is simply the water resources in the location. The WATER resources. The Nile river and Delta, the Tigris river, the Euphrates river, and the Jordan river and much, much more. Those rivers helped the Egyptians enhance themselves without having to worry about water.

A few Egyptians cooling their camel's off in the Nile river

The Nile and it's Delta was one of the most important water sources, for it supplied a vast amount of fish and drinking water for Egyptians passing by. The Nile river flows south to north and if you are traveling to the north of Egypt the river allows you to ride along the river without rowing.

Modern-day sailboats riding down the Nile

So, as we conclude this assignment the understanding has come present that all of Egypt is influenced by the Nile river, giving the citizens travel, water, and fertile soil. The Nile will always be remembered as a river that impacted Egypt.