There are a lot jobs you can choose from at a radio station but not all of them are fun and games. Have you ever thought about how many people it takes to make the radio station you like to listen to work? With a normal radio station you can have as much as 16 people all working to make that station work. Some of the most popular jobs are announcer, copy Writer, and general sales manager.

Day on the Job

This job my very based on what you are doing. Announcer is one of the most popular job a radio station has. His main job is to talk about what we wanna hear. They make there money by how well the station does thats why the report news and stories that we enjoy or like to hear about. They are not just a voice either they also look up and take notes down and interesting new stories that they think we will like to hear. The hours very based on what type of station you are working at.  

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