The Moustache by:Shamaryee Dalton


Imagine yourself in the mirror combing you hair washing your face and noticing a moustache . Mike had grew him a moustache as an experiment just to see if he could grow one . When mikes mother seen the moustache she didnt think it was a fit for a 17 year old .

                                Rising action

  • The rising action in this story is when mikes mother says that his grandmother might not remember him .  His grandmother has arteriosclerosis which means her memory and body has betrayed her  .


The conflict in this story is when mikes grandmother this he is her  husband . Mikes mustache makes him look much older and he looks like his grandfather  .


Mike realizes that the mustache is not needed .He is very ashamed to be thought of as his grandfather . When mike got home he went up stairs and shaved off him  mustache .