Romantic, red carpet-inspired looks rule prom fashion

Rest in peace, pink poofy ball gown and matching cummerbund and tie.

See you never, ringlet updo.

Adios, accessory overload.

Prom 2015 style is less Bedazzled and more breathtaking with romantic, vintage and red carpet inspirations.

"A lot of people are steering away from ball gowns and over-the-top prom styles. They're going for red carpet," says Madeline Cordes, assistant manager at downtown Fargo boutique Your Day by Nicole.

Teens can express personality in their look -- no more matchy-matchy ensembles.

Now, it's about complementing each other, Cordes says.

Prep for prom with trend talk from Cordes, West Acres' Alissa Adams and Cassie Hatzenbuhler, manager of RSVP by Alan Evans in Fargo.

Photo: red bridesmaid dresses


The vibe

  • Romantic, elegant, modern
  • Red carpet inspiration
  • Vintage style with modern twists
  • Non-traditional options like a two-piece ensemble or jumpsuit
  • Color

    "We're not seeing as many of the bright colors," Adams says.

    Instead, think:

  • Pale pinks
  • Light grays
  • White
  • Champagne tones
  • Yellow
  • On the bolder side, classic black, red and navy are still elegant color choices, Cordes says.

    For pattern, stick with florals.

    Fabrics and details

  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Jersey knit
  • Beaded bodices
  • Cuts

    Full-length dresses lend a romantic feel and below-the-knee hemlines allow prom-goers to show off their shoes, Adams says.

    Overall, the look is elegant and a bit more conservative than years past, Hatzenbuhler says.

    But that doesn't mean there's no wow-factor.

    "They're going for a more conservative look in the front and then a more dramatic back," Hatzenbuhler says.

    Non-traditional choices

    Dresses aren't your preference? No problem. Alternative options for prom are stand-out stylish.

    Two-piece ensembles like a crop top and full skirt are prom-appropriate when done tastefully.

    "Ideally with that trend you only want to show a sliver of skin between the two pieces," Adams says. "It can be a matching set or not, have fun with it."

    The menswear-inspired jumpsuit is another non-dress option. Actresses Dakota Johnson and Emma Stone sported the trend on the red carpet this year.

    "It's effortlessly chic," Adams says.


    The vibe

  • Simple and understated
  • Feminine
  • Practical
  • Heel height

    Heels and flats get equal play this prom season.

    "Do a shoe you could wear again. People want to be comfortable," Cordes says, adding that super high heels are less and less popular.


  • Silver
  • Champagne tones
  • Blush
  • Details

  • Ankle straps
  • Embellishments like buckles and bows
  • Open-toe style (sandals)
  • Jewelry

    The vibe

    Less is more, but don't be afraid to make a statement.

    The look

    Necklaces can be too much on top of a dress.

    Instead, try statement earrings with a bracelet, especially if you're wearing a heavily beaded bodice, Hatzenbuhler says.

    Cordes adds that simple is always best and she's seen people buy more vintage-inspired jewelry to complement prom dresses.

    Hair and makeup

    The vibe

  • Elegant
  • Polished
  • Clean
  • The look

    Red carpet influences carry over to beauty.

    "We've seen a lot of simple looks on the red carpet like casual waves, a sleek ponytail or a ballerina bun," Adams says. "Hair should be soft and touchable. Keep it elegant and simple."

    The same philosophy applies to makeup, she says.

    "Less is more. Play up one feature like eyes or lips. If you do a bright lip, keep eyes minimal, or if you do dramatic lashes, keep the lip minimal," Adams says.

    Rather than a corsage, some prom-goers opt for flowers in their hair, too.

    Cordes, 21, says more people are doing their own hair.

    "They don't want to look not like themselves," she says.

    Suits and tuxedos

    The vibe

  • Smart
  • Timeless
  • Suits trump tuxedos for their practicality
  • Color

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Cut

  • Slim
  • Simple
  • Tailored
  • Shoes and accessories

    The vibe

  • Show personality with tiny touches of color and accessories
  • Simplicity
  • Bow ties and neckties

    They don't have to match a date's attire, and cummerbunds are less common.

    Focus on complementing a date's style rather than matching it, Hatzenbuhler says.

    Bow ties are more popular than neckties right now, and for the necktie, the knot matters.

    "It's all about the way you tie the tie. The eldredge and trinity knots add a little dimension and interest to the look. It adds character," Adams says.


    A matte-look shoe is more modern than ultra-shiny dress shoes, Adams says.

    Try a colorful lace or fun socks.

    Suit embellishments

  • Tie bars
  • Lapel pins
  • Pocket squares
  • Local prom dates

    April 11: Davies

    April 18: South Fargo

    April 25: Fargo North, Sheyenne

    May 2: Shanley, Moorhead, West Fargo

    May 9: Oak Grove, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton

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