5 Reasons Why You Do Need To Be An Expert To Stay Safe Online

Internet Safety Guide

The internet can be a scary place. Every day you hear stories about identity theft and online scams robbing people of thousands. Although these dangers are very rare they are also very real. The truth is most everyday internet users don’t have the skills to stay safe online. Without advanced knowledge and experience you are vulnerable to the many different scams used online. Here are 5 reasons why you do need to be an expert to stay safe online.

1. Phishing

In the new age of technology hand written letters have become a thing of the past. In their place email now resides as the most common text based messaging system. It’s no wonder emails are so commonly used around the world today. The free, fast and easy to use mail system would seem appealing to all and on top of that using a personal account helps many users feel safe and secure online. This feeling of security is quite false sadly. The second you create an email address you become a possible victim of the common online scam known as phishing. Phishing is an extremely common form of scam where an email user is contacted by a con artist with the goal of obtaining personal information or money. A well-known example of this is the Nigerian king scam. These scams are quite dangerous to many.

2. Identity Theft

Online your entire identity is the name you type in. no matter how in-depth a website can go there will always be a way to fool it into thinking you are someone else. Because of this anything you do online is vulnerable to identity theft. Identity theft is the criminal act of using stolen information are assumed information to assume the identity of another person. This is usually to accesses personal areas such as a bank account. There are no specific examples of this scam to refer to. This scam is a large problem for a lot of internet users.

3. Dating Scams

In modern day society online dating is an extremely common practice. In fact over half of the married couples formed last year are supposedly a result of an online dating site. This is great for people who don’t have time in a busy schedule to go to social events but with it comes dangers. Believe it or not people will spend weeks or months even creating a fake relationship with someone online trying to lure them into sending money or personal information. You may think you’re too smart to get fooled by this but the fact is many everyday people do fall for this trick. As no same version of this scam are alike I cannot name a specific example of this scam. This scam appeals to human emotions making it an extremely dangerous threat to most internet users.

4. Brute Force Password Cracker

These days everything online is protected by passwords. Whether it be your email your Facebook account or your bank account details it is most likely protected by a short phrase or random digits that only you know. As passwords are a brilliant Idea outside of the technological world they are assumed to be fool proof online as well. Sadly this is not the case. The problem with online passwords are that with modern day technology it is possible to guess the password. The way this is done is by using a small program in unison with a password list with up to the one billion most used passwords. The program uses this list to attempt thousands of passwords per second hence the name brute force. It is possible to crack a password like this in a matter of minutes although it can take much longer in some cases. An example of this is Wfuzz. Wfuzz is a downloadable program that will attempt brute forces. Brute force hackers are extremely dangerous to most internet users as they have no way of defending against it.

5. Fake Websites

People use websites for everything nowadays. A common example of this is online banking. People use the internet to check on account balances and make transactions all the time. Because we assume the website is owned by the bank company we feel safe inputting personal and private information. Most people don’t even consider that someone could create a fake version of the website and access all the information you input. By creating an identical website to a well-known one people can be fooled into depositing personal details. An example of this is the facebook scam where a website that looks exactly the same as facebook is opened but when you input your pass word it records the details. This scam mainly dangerous to people who are new to the internet as you can tell if the website is legitimate by the URL.

What You Need To Do

These are only 5 of the many threats you may face on the internet. If you choose to use the internet at all any of these scams can happen to you. The best way to prevent this is to research common up to date scams regularly to stay on top of modern threats. This combined with internet protection software can create a safe environment for you to browse the internent.

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