Fun facts

-you can have them as a pet
-it has a long tail
- The eat plants,bugs,lettus and soft seeds
-the run 24 klos fast
-jerboa have tiny hands to dige there homes
-the jeoboa live in Africa and china
                     M.a.d theory

-the m.a.d. Theory for the desserts sand storm
for move  birds would move
camels and animals would adapt
plants and some animals would die

                    Rapid process

the rapid process change that would happen would be heat waves,sand storms

                        Jerboa ecosystem
the jerboa lives in the desert with many plants and animals.  

well in the desert the climate is mostly 90s to 100 degrees

thing that help the jerboa adapt and survive is animal holes,cactus to eat and plants so they don't die of heat they can have shade if they go under it.plants,bugs and soft seeds

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