Life of a Civil war soldier

journal entry #2:  I can’t believe that we have to eat those dog’s meals every day from now on, while the upity general gets to eat top rail feasts, with all of his possoms nearbye. My bread basket is not even full.

Yeah but did you see how tight the General was?

Yeah, after our meal, I will probably get quick-step. He will only care about us fresh fish as long as we are toeing the mark.

Same, I am whipped and ready to get wallpapered with some Tar Juice like he is.


Hunkey Dorey!!


Yeah, us private’s are played out.

journal entry #3: Dear mama, I am in Richmond, Virginia where my fellow soldiers and I are getting use to the camp life. It's hard to live in these Cabins where we sleep on the hard cold wooden floor. Instead of a comfy warm bead. General makes us wake up an hour before the sun breaks out, The General isn't very nice to my fellow soldiers but he likes me. My new good friend Edward was talking back to the Generals so as a punishment he made him wear a "Barrel shirt" I am sure you are aware of what that is from papa having to wear them during the war of 1812. But trust me mama I've been a good boy to the general and I haven't gotten in trouble once. So I was just checking mama, trust me mama I won't get myself killed out there.


Joseph Millerburg

Journal entry #8: Dear Journal,  the date is June 22nd 1865, the war just ended andI am in Boston Massachusetts, I am on my way home to Illinois on the this long train ride. It's my birthday and for once I get to celebrate it with my family back home in Illinois. Once the war started 4 years ago, I was a little scrawny boy that never knew how to kill. But after a 4 year transformation I am strong old lad. Fighting the for the union was difficult. We's expected to win the war easily even though at the beginning we lost many battles. Oh I just can't wait to have some have papa's cooked warm ham with mashed potatoes and green beans. And my old chomper is begging for some of mama's Apple pie. But I am really looking forward to seeing my 12 year old brother, Oh I just can't wait to see his face while I tell him my adventures. This war really changed me, sometimes that isn't a good thing. But if you ask me it's a great thing. Rest in peace President Lincoln.


Joseph Millersburg

Journal entry #1:I am Joseph Millersburg, I am a 21 year old lad from Chicago Illinois, I am on my way to go fight for the union army in the cicvil war. I am worried I will be terminated in this war but i'll do anything to keep our country together.

Journal entry #4: The early morning is the toughest time for me. Waking up to marching beat is difficult And then training can tire an old lad. Why can't we just wait awhile. We are the union, we know we are gonna win this war!

Journal entry #5: Dear little brother, Here at my camp we pass our time by telling stories and sharing our experiences during the war. We also like to sing songs and play cards or throw a ball. Our food isn't amazing like mama and papa's but it's okay,


Joseph Millerburg

Journal entry #6:              We are the Union

                           We fight for freedom of the our country

                                     We are the Union

                           We will die for our freedom and the our country

                                    We are the union

                        We will cry for the lived that have died

                                  We are the union

                        We will win this war!

journal entry #7: Dear journal, God is wanting us to suffer. The blood bath has lasted too long for me to handle, seeing my friends being shot or amputated is gruesome. The illness has killed more of my friends then a confederacy has... Yet we may see many awful things we know it's for a good cause.

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