The long and winding road...Come with me as I travel my past...

First Stop  

My faith journey began as a registered nurse working in a community hospital.  I worked for eighteen years in many specialty areas beginning in medical surgical care and then moving into cardiac, emergency and acute respiratory care.  I am proud of my work as a nurse but I always felt something was missing.  At the time I couldn't name it.

Second Stop

Lord of Life Lutheran Church     After moving to Maple Grove, we found our church and I grew in my faith and entered into a relationship with God that continues to this day to broaden and deepen.  This is where I experienced my calling.  It was as if God was tugging on my heart pulling me into the church community and leading me to learn about the Word of God and Sacraments. 

Third Stop

Luther Seminary   Continuing in my faithful journey I am studying and learning as much as I can about God and my Lutheran tradition, discerning my call in community with others, praying and listening for God's direction, learning who I am as a leader, and discovering my gifts for ministry.  A work in progress......Oh...and today I can name what was missing...spiritual care!

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing pivotal points in shaping who you are today.
I grew up in Maple Grove and have attended Lord of Life a few times throughout the years. Seems we have something in common. =)
How did you first discover or come to know Christ? What led you to a deeper faith or relationship?