Curley's Wife

Envious Lonely Unsatisfied

All I wanted was

a husband who isnt controlling

to be in the pictures

to talk to people

more money

to be famous

but I didnt want

a husband who didnt let me talk to people

to live on a farm

to be judged by others

to die

an abusive husband

Curleys Wife is only about 18 and curley is probably more then 10 years older then her. She is cheating on her husband with Slim. She is also a racist because she threatened to hang crooks

When Curleys Wife talks to Slim they seem to ve very close because Slim said "hey good lookin'." She has a very bad relationship with Crooks because she said she could get him hung really easy. She wants to have a good relationship with Lenny because she talked to him in the bard and told him stuff. This shows that she is racist towards black people but she is mean to everyone behind there back.

Curley's Wife drastically affects the end of the plot in the book. If she wasnt there then most of the end wouldn't of happened because when she died it set off a chain of events. After she died people found her body, figured out it was lenny, went to go kill lenny, and eventually caused George to shoot Lenny in the back of the head.

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