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The amazing journey of Somen Debnath

For his remote native village of Basanti India, to the world largest Cities, Somen Debnath has been sharing his inspiration along the way. Shocked to see a friend of his die from AIDS when he was only 14 years old, he began his soon to be amazing journey by raising awareness every way he could. His passion for his cause ultimately lead him to launch his global tour on which he has planned to visit every single country in the world, ON HIS BYCICLE!

Starting by travelling 28 states of India, he went on to visit most Countries of Asia and he is currently covering western Africa. The message he emphasizes is quite common: «prevention is better than cure». Simple but how powerful coming from a man who has dedicated the past 10 years of his life speaking out loud for those who too often are being ignored. Not only has he become a worldwide icon for all the aids victims and organisations across the world but he does a lot of work of his own on the field. His main mission is to educate the youth on the different ways of preventing the contraction the HIV virus. Simple things like using a condom to decrease the risk of contamination or avoiding contact with possibly infected blood might seem completely natural for developed societies but it often isn’t for most of third world countries notices Somen.

We sometimes tend to be distance ourselves for the effects of this devastating disease due to all the media attention and campains covering this cause but the inspiration of people like Somen Debnath reminds us how alive and important the fight against HIV and AIDS really is.

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