Should workers be protected by the Government (Law),  their employer or should they protect themselves?

....and from what exactly?

Spot the 'mistake' above and then make a few notes explaining what is meant by being an 'equal opportunities employer'

Can you spot at least 5 Health and Safety errors in the above photo?

Which fact shocks you the most?

Can you identify at least 4 other forms of discrimination?

Will the new National Living Wage REALLY help the lowest paid workers in the UK? Or should we 'go Dutch'? See fascinating article below...

Why do we work such long hours in the UK?

Do you think the Government / Employers should do more to support Parents?

Is the above actually 'fair enough'? Identify one area you agree with and another you disagree with? Are they connected? Discuss your views with a Learning Partner!

...and finally....the best (and worst) recruitment video ever!

Could you make an equally deliberately bad video / poster based on the employee protection points you've seen today?