Wannsee Conference

Above is an image of piles of dead Jews, killed off by the Nazis under Hitler's beliefs. The deaths following the Wannsee Conferece's purpose to create a mass murder upon the Jews.

       In 1942, Nazis began preparation for extermination of the Jews. Members of the Nazi party and German government, including Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich, gathered together in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to organize the process of the "final solution". Hitler was set to authorize the scheme for mass murder. The conference was conducted in order to inform and insure support in the idea of the "final solution". At the time of the conference, it was already made aware that the National Socialist regime had engaged in mass murder of the Jews. It was made known that approximatly 11 million Jews would fall under the event of mass murder. In the end, the result out of the meeting was Jews would be exterminated first through "natural causes" (such as starvation), followed by poison gas chambers made to suffocate Jews to death.

This is an image of Reinhard Heydrich, high ranking German Nazi official, who played a major role in helping Hilter organize the idea of the "final solution". Heydrich and Hilter worked together to exterminate as many Jews at once as possible therefore the conduced the conference together in order to insure power.

Embedded above is a movie called Conspiracy, which dramatizes the Wannsee Conference from 1942. The video evaluates the psychology of Nazi officials involved in the "final solution" during World War II. It is a "must see" for anyone who appreciates Holocaust historical films.

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