Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill

Jordan Dover

  • Is Duke Energy Liable for the clean up?
  • How does this relate to business ethics and responsibility?
How the Dan River was affected by the coal ash spill.

Recently Duke Energy has dumped over 39,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River. You would think it was would just be a simple spill, an accident, well it's not.

Duke had asked prior to this is they could have some pumps for "routine maintenance". For maintenance it doesn't seem that odd to need some equipment, so they received it.They  were seen using it the day before a scheduled inspection. Though by the time the inspectors had gotten there the pumps were gone, nothing to be see except the sludge.

The day before though someone had watched them pour coal ash out into the river, now subject to the media knowing. Soon after it placing a spot on the news they received reports of many other having seen them pump the ash, proving that Duke had been doing this for months.

This has been the eighth notice of violation that the the state of North Carolina has given Duke in less than a month. To name one, many workers from man different parts of Duke haven't had their required permits since at least 2010. Associated press then filed a public records request for a copy of Duke's storm water permit for the Dan River plant, which they didn't have.

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